Just after I hit the ground, the beast was there, growling and slobbering in my face.
It snarled and bared its teeth as usual, before biting my snout. The pain was intense.

The beast, with my snout grasped firmly between its teeth shook me back and forth and then flung me back over its body. I crashed into the refrigerator door, smacking the back of my head.

At that point I felt consciousness fading, but the beast was once again upon me. Growling, slobbering. Biting me, shaking me, flinging me, chewing me.

I don’t know how long it went on for. At some point I stopped really noticing what was happening. The pain took me and I took the pain. We became each other. I lost sense of where I started and where I ended.

Eventually I was at rest, and the beast was gone.

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