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2. Mumphred

January 27, 2006

After wandering for only a short while in the dark, I found a group of plushies. Thankfully I will not have to live by myself.

They live high up on the tables and benches. I would never have found them if one of them had not called to me from above as I walked passed.

They are three teddies, a dog, and a lion who wears a safari hat. I can understand almost nothing of what they say as their language is very unusual.
Despite this, I tried to find out whether any children lived around here. All they say in response is, “Poodull!”

It is clearly something that bothers them, but I can’t understand what it is and I cannot tell whether it really exists or not. They do seem a superstitious bunch. At least they have been kind to me, and I’m sure that soon I will learn their tongue.

I sit down on top of the table and look out over the terrain as the sun sets. The view from up here is magnificent. My greatest fear is that there are children in this place, but with each day that passes the likelihood of their existence diminishes. If there truly are no children here, then surely I have found Plush Toy Paradise.

My New Friends
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