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1. Mumphred

January 25, 2006

The door slams shut behind me. I back up against it and peer into the darkness, waiting for my eyes to adjust. Waiting to be able to see something. Anything.

I feel uneasy about this place where fate has brought me. The air is still. Stagnant. Quiet, but not dead-quiet. I think I hear something out there. Something breathing gently. But I cannot see it, and I can’t tell whether it is really gentle, or just waiting.

Perhaps there is nothing there, and my imagination is simply running riot — conjuring up demons that do not exist. I cannot hear breathing anymore, and my eyes are now accustomed to the dark conditions. I can make our the faint outlines of furniture and ornaments. There is nothing threatening here.

I decide to explore this new environment that I find myself in. I know in my heart that there will be no return to the toy shop. The humans have brought me here for whatever reason, and I must reconcile myself with my new life. It will be different to the department store, but there is no reason why things should go badly in this place, my new home.
The toy shop was certainly no paradise — children constantly touching and throwing me about, before their parents would make them stop. I count my blessings that I have neither seen nor heard any signs of children in this new home. I feel greatly optimistic about the days to come.
My heart swells in anticipation, for there is nothing to fear. I step forth into the gloom.