Something is missing.
I feel an emptiness instead as I lie on the floor. Desolate.
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I’ve lost the heart to go on.
What’s the point now? Even though my confrontation with the Poodull has not physically destroyed me, I can see no point in continuing. If I get up now, it will probably just rip off my arm or something.


I hear wet squelching noises nearby, with intermittent growling.
schloop schloooop qweeech ggraawp, grrrrrr
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Disgusting. I don’t want to look. It sickens me. Make it go away.

I think I’ll just lie here. This bit of carpet is nice. Nice and grey and slightly dirty.
A perfect place to slowly rot away.

I lie still. I think I’ll soon drift off to sleep with the soothing lullaby schloop graaawp kruench schloooop qweeech ggraawp resounding in my ears.

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