Shit, I nearly drifted off there.

Need to stay alert so tha…

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It grasps me by my leg. I scramble and scratch at the carpet desperately. I try to dig my hands in, but I can’t. I hear it make a noise, a horrible “grrrrrr” sound as it drags me out from under the couch.

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It’s teeth are clamped into my thigh, but I don’t really feel any pain. It flicks my body up over its head and lets go of my leg. Briefly I fly before landing heavily on the carpet.
Immediately I’m up and running towards the nearest couch. I don’t look at it, I just run. Knowing it will take too long to get a safe distance underneath, I attempt to climb the couch. I immediately regret my decision.
It pounces on me and its maw clamps down viciously on my ear. The beast peels me off the couch and throws me to the floor.

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Running and hiding bring me no success. I decide to stand my ground and fight. I get up and turn to face the beast. It pauses, and glares at me with its demonic orange orbs, hackles raised. Ragged off-white fur is spread manically about its face. It bares its teeth, and lets out a low growl.
I have no weapons, but I do have heart. I recall the power of the Care Bears’ countdown and attempt to invoke one to repel this most foul beast. I hold out my heart and shout, “Care Bears’ Countdown!”

I think I might not be a Care Bear.

It barks at me, and then rips my heart out.

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