I can’t sleep.
I don’t feel safe, despite what I keep telling myself.

What’s that noise?
Hissing? Sniffing? Nothing?

I can’t hear it anymore. Is there anything there?

I edge further back under the couch. I’m breathing quite heavily.

What was that?
Shit. Is it behind me?
I turn around. I catch a glint of orange in the dark, and then it’s gone.

Heart racing, I pull away. There’s nowhere to go. The couch isn’t against a wall. If I back up too far I’ll end up in the open.
Need to stay in the middle.

Focus focus focus. Where’s the middle of the couch? It’s too fucking dark. I can’t tell.

Listening. I hear a dull thudud-thudud-thudud. My heart in my hands. Can’t hear anything else. Is there anything else to hear?

Waiting. Concentrating.

I hear nothing else. My heart-rate slows. I start to relax.

I need to sleep. I’m so tired.
Can’t sleep. Must stay alert. This couch isn’t safe.
Must stay awake until morning, then sleep.
Sleep. Just for a short time. In the morning.
Then look for a safe-to-sleep couch against a wall.
Until the morning: no sleep.
No sleep until the morning.
Sleep until the morning, no?

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